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Aravind. Kebballi

So you really want to know about me huh ? My full name is Aravinda Kebballi N. Kebballi is the name of the place, it is a small village in the Kunigal taluk of Tumkur district. My middle intial expands to Ningaiah. Ningaiah is my beloved father. I miss him so much.

I am very proud to say that first I am an Indian and then I am a Kannadiga. I am married to Preethi Sridhara .    Karnataka is a beautiful state in southern India. Please tell me how did u find me, I am very curious to know about this. You must have genrally slipped via some links and must have landed into my cyber space. Nevertheless, you are here and I do not want to dissapoint you. And also I do not want to bug you by telling long stories. Since my childhood I have been a great dreamer.

I am from Mandya (richest district of beautiful state Karnataka). Upto graduation I was living here, then moved to Bangalore(Silicon Valley) for higher studies and in search of a better career, I lived in different parts of Bangalore.

Did my schooling in St. Joseph's and Mysugar High School Mandya. Did my graduation in PES College of Engineering Mandya , computer Science 1988-1992(let me know if you are from this college). Did my Post Graduation in BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, computer Science 1994 to mid 1995(let me know if you are from this college). (This Cyber World might help me to find out lost friends you know..)

I worked for CABS(Center for Airborne Systems, Bangalore), Wipro Infotech's Systems Engineering and Global R&D divisions. Currently I am living in Sunnyvale, CA.

Checkout my Resume to find out more, Anyway, that is not up-to-date ! I will update it soon..(may be..) < smile! >

You are still reading this oh Great !. go on ... As fas as my interests are concerned I like traveling, music, sports, movies and last but not least internet surfing. Enough bugging , I think so, don't you ? < smile! >

Before you move out, I will tell you the quote I liked very much.

"Think like a duck, over the surface calm and unruffeled, below the surface paddle like hell" - anonymous

Have nice Surfing...... World is very small, Meet you sometime somewhere some how in-person.

Have nice surfing. Have several nice days !!!

--see ya

aravinda kebballi.

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