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Here's some statistics about Raj

Date of  Birth - 24/4/1929 at Gajanur.
First Movie  -  Bedara Kanappa in 1954
Devatha Manushya is his 200th movie.

Raj says that ,of all his movies,
he liked 'Bhakta Kumbara', the most.

Raj is a simple and disciplined person.
He eats simple food.
He does not have any habits like smoking and drinking etc.
He is into regular exercise and yoga.
When people see him in Mayura and Gandada Gudi ,
it is impossible to believe that he was is years old.

Raj sung his first song in Mahishasura Mardini
(Tumbitu manava...).
However, his singing career started when he sung
'yaare kugadali..' in sampathige savaal.

Raj and Puttana got together with 'Sakshatkara'.


      kannada filmdom's favourite actor who is also
      1. Marlon Brando of Karnataka alias Dr.RajKumar
       2. Laurence Olivier of Karnataka alias Dr. RajKumar
      3. Yves Montand of Karnataka alias Dr. Rajkumar 

   Elladaru eru entadaru eru endendigu nee kannadavagiru...
   Kannadave sathya  kannadave nithya... 
                                 -- Lyrics by Rastra Kavi Kuvempu.
                                 -- Sang by Dr. Rajkumar.

Dr. Rajkumar *** The name which will excite all kannadigas.

Incredible Actor, magnificent singer, simple person, honoured for his genourisity. In short a great man from Karnataka. Who is a legend in Kannada Cinema Industry.

Huttidahre kannada nadalli huttabeku ... Mettidhare kanndan mannanu mettabeku..

incredible song from movie Akasmika

God Father of Kannada Cinema Industry. Who gave the eterneity to Kannada Cinema Industry.

His First Movie : Bedara kannapa .. A big hit of those days

His films which created history in Kannada Cinema Industry.

Bangaradha Manushya, Kastoori Nivasa , Babruvana, Bhakta Prahalada, Shankar Guru, Gandhadha Gudi, Jeevana chaitra, Akasmika etc.,

 Devotional album released The second part of a devotional audio
 album in praise of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Saraswathi, Sri
 Raghavendraswamy and Durga, titled Apoorva Bhakti Sangama, was formally
 released by Dr Rajkumar at his residence recently. Two US based
 Indians, Dr Chaya Swamy and Dr Ramprasad have collaborated on the album, 
 the proceeds of which will be donated to social causes, such as helping 
 Asian and Indian women in the US. 

 A doctor who has been working in the US for the last two decades, Chaya
 Swamy has written the lyrics and composed the music for the album. Dr
 Ramprasad, who has a strong background in singing, has lent his voice
 for the album. In fact, he has also sung for a film by music director V
 Manohar and is hoping to sing for music director Mano Murthy (of
 America America fame) in June. In the eight songs sung by Dr
 Ramprasad, noted singers like Manjula Gururaj, Vani Jayaram, BR Chaya
 and KS Surekha have sung duets along with him. 


More info will follow.....

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